Custom Songwriting & Special Events

Song is an amazingly beautiful act of creation.  If you have any occasion where you'd like to highlight the special essence of a meaningful moment, person, or experience, customized music can offer you just that.

You might want a customized song written specifically for yourself or for a loved one for a:

  • Wedding
  • Funeral
  • Birthday
  • Graduation

Or, you may want a special performance or song circle that helps people share a special moment at a:

  • Wedding 
  • Graduation
  • Holiday event
  • Spiritual ceremonies or ritual
  • Organizational event
  • Fundraiser or benefit
  • Grand opening or open house


Whatever your celebration or meaningful moment is, my intention is to add a timeless value to it with the addition of music.


** Please ask for pricing details.

Below is one example of a custom song co-written by myself and a friend (Joy Black) for one couple's wedding.  Super fun, super meaningful, and written just for them in mind....
And here is an example of a songwriting project completed with the 8th grade typing class at Rainbow Community School.  They wanted to create a fun song to sing at the Omega Showcase, and this is what we came up with over a period of short writing sessions preceding the ceremony.