Voices of Love.

A 4-month Expressive Arts    Program inviting caring creatives to 

feel  safe,    confident, & beautiful  sharing    their embodied    truth

Be connected.

Be clear.

Be your    Voice of Love. 

If you've ever wanted to be known, you get what I mean when I say that feeling invisible is a nightmare. 

Why then, is it SO uncomfortable when we try to be seen and heard? 


I invite you to see, taste, and feel a different reality . . . 

Imagine that you'd like to: 

SPEAK YOUR TRUTH allowing the vibrant ways you express yourself to light you and others up as you use your voice to speak your thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants. 

VULNERABLY OPEN UP to receiving love from yourself and others, securely rooted in your self as you attract the personal and professional relationships that most align with you. 

CLEARLY CONNECT with yourself, and the people in your life as you embrace and embody your wholeness --  mind, heart, and body -- loving who you are and what you offer the world.

* FEEL RECOGNIZED & VALUED through the time and attention you give the parts of yourself who are most needing, and wanting your love

LOVE & HONOR YOUR TRUE SELF by recognizing parts of your essential nature that yearn to feel safe coming out from hiding behind unconscious protection strategies

Voices of Love is  path that encourages  an integration of your

mind, heart, & body's messages so you can EMBODY YOUR TRUTH ...

You may feel foggy when trying to express yourself...    

With loving awareness, you can get CLEAR, and move through your challenges.  Some of these struggles may include: 


  • Indecision and mind fog   about where to focus  your energy

  • Feeling    lonely,    isolated,   &   disconnected within your relationships

  • Insecurity  as you lean into    the creative identity that's calling to you

  • The stress of trying hard to "figure    it all out"  

  • Feeling   unsupported & unseen    (especially as you share your deeper expressions)

  •  Fears   that you are   "damaged"   "wrong"  or "broken"

  • Difficulty staying in your body    (and loving yourself there)

  • Noticing your  Inner critic's judgments trapping you over and over again

  • Feelings of "stuck-ness" that keep you from  exciting things you want to realize or create

  • Confusion    about what dream  feels most important right now, and how to activate it 

You deserve so. much. more.

Are you ready for the good news? 

This is what happens when you embody & speak your truth:



  • You engage    with creative projects that excite and invigorate you  

  • You embody    creative pleasures   like   singing, cooking, music-making ,    songwriting,  dancing, painting...

  • You play   leadership roles in the  direction    of your desires   

  • You develop   heartfelt, secure    connections w/ people who    share  your    values

  • You enter    into   romance and partnership  that align   with who you truly are

  • You discover    your  passions, and give life to the    work that lights you up  

  • You find    purpose & meaning in your life, and use    that to serve  others

  • You create    a nourishing & supportive   home environment   that  aligns with you and your visions

  • You share    yourself    openly with confidence,  radiance, & joy in your relationships

  • You are   bold & unapologetic when communicating your thoughts, feelings, needs & desires 

  • You feel   freedom to play , love, & have innocent fun   in  a variety of  different   relationships


You're not crazy, you're CREATIVE :)

 VOICES OF LOVE     is ready to meet you there.

Creative Identity

Result #1

Through self-care practices that engage your creative essence, you will re-connect with the core of who you are, and how you naturally enjoy expressing yourself with others. 


A few areas touched on are:


* SELF-VALIDATION.  Easing loneliness by offering your whole presence to the time you spend with yourself

* SELF-RECOGNITION.  Removing facades you've been using to protect yourself, and discovering who you really are at the core of your being.

* SELF-WORTH.  Developing a new sense of confidence and security that is obvious to you and others, and allows you to feel valued, loved, and appreciated

* GIFTS & SKILL SETS.  Discover your most natural talents, skills, and capabilities

* CREATIVE CLARITY.  Experiencing yourself as a powerful creator, and finding the keys to easily accessing your creativity at any given moment

Rooted Relationships

Result #2

With the internal foundation of feeling rooted within yourself, you will discover a new ground from which you can interact with the people in your life in nourishing, fulfilling, trusting ways.


You'll notice more ease as you nurture:


* DEEP CONNECTION, with people who reflect your values, identity, and emotional health

* ALIGNED RELATIONSHIPS professionally, creatively, and/or romantically that are grounded in trust and honesty

* OPEN-HEARTED EXPRESSION with others you care about, easily accessing your vulnerabilities on a more regular basis

* GROUNDED SELF-APPRECIATION when sharing yourself and your ideas with other people

* HONESTY & AUTHENTICITY as you speak your truth regarding your needs, desires, visions, ideas, feelings, and beliefs with others in caring ways

I'm excited to see you shine :)

And if you're ready to step in, please make your payment with the link below:

Creative Identity - 4 month program